Beware: These common mistakes may be causing damage to your eyes

James Eaton

Sarvendriyam nayanam pradhanam — out of all sense organs, eyes are the most critical,” claimed Dr Rekha Radhamony, an Ayurveda skilled. The eyes are sadly the most ignored organs, much too.

We are conscious improved screen time and absence of suitable sleep trigger immense destruction to our eyes. In an before interview with, Dr Tushar Grover, Medical Director, Eyesight Eye Centre, New Delhi had reported, “As we spend far more and more time on electronic screens such as laptops, mobile telephones, tablets, e-viewers and even television, our eyes have an disproportionately amplified exposure time to these screens fraught with sizeable adverse effects, which may well involve eye pressure, head aches, blurred vision or double vision, dry eyes or even neck and shoulder discomfort. Often, it can even lead to disturbance in snooze styles and problems in concentration.”

What we might not know is that some of our frequent patterns this sort of as rubbing the eyes or overusing eye drops are the lesser evil. Dr Rekha Radhamony took to Instagram to checklist some of these popular blunders that can be avoided for maintaining healthy eyes. 


*Employing warm h2o to wash eyes: Numerous of us have the routine of washing our eyes with heat drinking water, but it is not recommended. Dr Radhamony elucidated that eyes are the seat of Pitta (warmth) and, consequently, they want to be washed with space temperature h2o or chilly h2o.

*Not blinking typically: Blinking is one of the most underrated however successful strategies to stay clear of eye pressure. It not only provides a break for the eyes and further retains the eyes from acquiring dry by lubricating them, but also cleanses toxins. The pro explained although applying mobiles or other devices we are so glued to the screens we overlook to blink. “Make a aware hard work to blink usually,” she explained.

*Overusing artificial eye drops: A lot of men and women are inclined to overuse eye drops for prompt reduction from any variety of ache or irritation. Even though they may well verify to be helpful in the brief time period, in the very long study course “they can depart your eyes even drier.” The skilled prompt as per Ayurveda, “The most effective eye drops for the prolonged term are usually oil–based.”

*Making use of eye masks for sleeping: Persons like their skincare routines and eye masks are an indispensable section of it. Whilst those people scorching compress eye masks might deliver ease and comfort, the specialist thinks this observe could possibly not be excellent for the eyes. “Let your eyes be absolutely free and breathe in the night,” she said further more suggesting to “use a cold pack alternatively of a scorching a single in case of infections and stye.” 

*Rubbing the eyes: It is an unconscious behavior we are all responsible of practising. “Rubbing the eyes for any cause is blasphemous for eye wellness,” mentioned the professional, describing, “Our eyes have a incredibly slim layer of the conjunctiva which shields them” and that can be broken if rubbed far too totally. “Instead of rubbing, attain out for chilly drinking water and wash your eyes,” she added.

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