How Sensodyne charted its place in India’s $1.8 billion oral care market

James Eaton

Immediately after Sensodyne toothpaste, the model also introduced other goods to upsell and cross-sell with the flagship offerings. The Sensodyne stock now also incorporates toothbrushes, and other toothpaste variants less than its entry-level ‘Essential Care’ range, which include Sensodyne Quick Reduction. 

Commenting on the brand’s distribution tactic, Sikka opines that the endeavour is ongoing, like any other FMCG brand name. 

“We’re making guaranteed that we’re current anywhere the consumer is – no matter whether it’s grocery suppliers, chemists, e-commerce platforms, modern-day trade retailers, etc. The plan is to make certain that we’re accessible at extra stores each 12 months.”

For Gauri Chaudhari, co-founder Manufacturer Innerworld, a healthcare model consultancy, a new entrant in the space of toothpaste would primarily have to lock horns with Colgate. That, in her belief, is a useless conclusion since Colgate retains a significant chunk of oral care pie in India. 

“Colgate has its existence everywhere you go, with the promise of powerful enamel. They have their merchandise for all age teams, which includes teens and elderly. Sensodyne, obtaining accomplished its marketplace exploration ahead of the start, knew it couldn’t have gone the Unilever way. Luckily for them, the sensitivity sector in India turned out to be monumental.”

For Sensodyne to make a distinctive identification, the brand name proposition experienced to be unique, and obvious, as per Chaudhari. As a substitute of competing with the Daburs and Colgates of the market, the complete portfolio of the manufacturer was confined to the walls of sensitivity. But the promoting journey the manufacturer embarked had a good deal to do with its origins, she opines.

GlaxoSmithKline, a multinational pharma company that birthed Haleon, has had its marketing imprints on Sensodyne, Chaudhari factors out. 

“GSK is recognized for its critical pharma organization. So, the DNA for any manufacturer that stems from GSK invokes a direct link in just the consumer’s head from a medical or clinical standpoint. The strategy, hence, would not have worked for any other brand name besides for Sensodyne.”

Offered the crystal clear dilemma-answer proposition of the manufacturer, Chaudhari highlights that the manufacturer has no reason to go the leisure route for their messaging. “So, white-coat endorsements produced all the perception. Even though in India using the services of medical professionals for adverts is not permissible, so they had to allow go of that. But the model managed to keep the scientific aura of the brand, the place it caught Colgate napping.”

Praful Akali, founder and MD, Medulla Communications is of the view that the entire category of delicate toothpaste is medical than the relaxation of the toothpaste field. “There is a obvious challenge in terms of the sensitive group. As opposed to other toothpaste subcategories that purpose for much better and preventive teeth, listed here the shopper has a authentic difficulty. Consequently, often within this subcategory, people rely on recommendations of dentists, or on brand names that converse the similar language.”

Prior to Sensodyne, there have been other pharma providers that experienced introduced their toothpastes for this classification, this kind of as Sensodent, but the solutions were promoted at dentists. Apparently, Sensodyne entered the classification and directed their products to shoppers immediately, and were the initial to do so.

This had a large amount to do with the variety of method the brand name has utilized to goal people, as per Akali. He suggests, “The internet marketing conversation for Sensodyne will make complete feeling, simply because the model, in a way, enjoys a monopoly in the category.”

“The strategy for medical complications, especially for manufacturers like Sensodyne, is the reliance on qualified advisory. This is why their adverts carry the scientific recommendations. Individuals are more comfy with this kind of communications in any clinical category.”

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