Vision Hero Reviews – Natural Advanced Vision Support Supplement?

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Vision Hero is a vision support formula available through

Featuring 13 premium ingredients, Vision Hero claims to support healthy vision using an advanced eye health formula.

Does Vision Hero live up to the hype? How does Vision Hero work? Keep reading our review to find out everything you need to know about Vision Hero today.

What is Vision Hero?

Vision Hero is a nutritional supplement marketed to people with vision loss, declining vision, and other eye health issues.

You can purportedly support healthy vision by taking two capsules of Vision Hero daily.

The formula features 13 natural ingredients to protect against free radicals and support eyesight at any age. Each serving of Vision Hero contains vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and other ingredients to help vision in various ways.

Vision Hero is exclusively sold through, priced at around $69 per Bottle, and backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Vision Hero Benefits

According to the makers of Vision Hero, the supplement offers the following benefits:

  • Support healthy vision
  • Help fortify against age-related vision decline
  • Protect your vision
  • Made in a GMP-certified, FDA-registered facility in the United States
  • Maintain “eagle eye” vision using proven ingredients
  • Protect low light vision and night vision

Vision Hero claims to protect and maintain your vision as you age. Many older adults experience age-related macular degeneration, which naturally weakens their eyesight with age. By taking Vision Hero, you can purportedly avoid age-related macular degeneration and other types of vision degeneration, giving you greater confidence and helping you maintain the same eyesight as you age.

How Does Vision Hero Work?

Many eye health supplements claim to protect and support your vision. However, not all of them work. What makes Vision Hero unique? How does Vision Hero protect “eagle eye” vision as you age?

Vision Hero works because it contains a blend of science-backed ingredients linked to vision and eye health.

One of the most significant ingredients in Vision Hero is lutein, for example. Lutein is an antioxidant that works throughout the body to support healthy inflammation and combat free radicals that cause inflammation. However, studies show lutein is particularly active in the eyes. For reasons not fully understood, lutein targets inflammation and oxidation, specifically around the eyes, which could support healthy vision in various ways.

Vision Hero also contains a second antioxidant, zeaxanthin, linked to similar effects. Like lutein, zeaxanthin has antioxidant effects throughout the body, but it appears to help with eyes specifically. Naturally found in certain types of seafood, zeaxanthin is linked to eye health and vision support.

Rounding out the proprietary formula is alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, grape seed extract, taurine, and lycopene, all of which have similar antioxidant effects. By targeting free radicals throughout your body and around your eyes, Vision Hero could preserve vision as you get older.

Vision Hero contains exceptionally high levels of vision-supporting vitamins like biotin (1,333{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV), vitamin C (111{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV), and vitamin E (67{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV). Vision Hero also contains over a dozen vitamins and minerals at varying doses. Your body – and your eyes – need these vitamins and minerals for normal function. If you’re not already taking a multivitamin, these nutrients could give your body the support it needs.

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Vision Hero Features

According to the makers of Vision Hero, the supplement provides the following features and benefits:

Support Healthy Near-Distance and Far-Distance Vision: Vision Hero can support healthy near-distance and far-distance vision, according to the manufacturer. As you get older and your vision changes, you could struggle with near-distance and far-distance vision. Vision Hero uses a blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to ensure you can continue to see items nearby and far away for the foreseeable future.

Protect Low Light Vision: Many older adults struggle to see at night or in low-light conditions. It’s a natural part of aging. Vision Hero helps you protect low light vision as you age, which means you can continue driving confidently at night and in low light vision conditions.

Gain Confidence: Vision Hero helps you gain confidence knowing your vision will stay protected for years into the future. Instead of worrying about losing your sight, dealing with declining vision, and encountering other eyesight problems as you get older, you can stay confident your eyes will continue working.

Top-Quality, Tested Ingredients: The makers of Vision Hero disclose all ingredients in the formula up front, and all ingredients in Vision Hero have been tested and studied by researchers in formal settings. Although Vision Hero itself has not completed clinical trials (nor have most supplements), Vision Hero’s ingredients have been extensively studied in multiple medical journals to date.

Made in the United States: Vision Hero is made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility using foreign and domestic ingredients. The manufacturer lists two addresses, one in Wyoming and another in Colorado.

Avoid Age-Related Vision Decline: 50{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} of adults over 50 experience vision decline at some point. As you get older, your chance of experiencing declining vision increases. Vision Hero is designed to combat this effect and help you avoid age-related vision decline. Many people experience age-related vision decline because of excess free radicals, inflammation, and oxidation in the eyes. Vision Hero’s formula specifically combats this issue using a blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

Vision Hero Ingredients

Vision Hero contains vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients to help support vision and avoid age-related vision decline.

The complete list of ingredients in Vision Hero includes the following:

Lutein: Lutein is one of two major carotenoids found in the human eye. It’s a natural antioxidant found in the macula and retina. Lutein is thought to support good vision by acting as a light filter and protecting sensitive eye tissues from the damaging effects of sunlight. You can get lutein from egg yolks, spinach, kale, kiwi fruit, and other fruits and vegetables. However, many people with vision loss and eyesight problems take a dedicated lutein supplement for support.

Bilberry Fruit Extract: Bilberry fruit extract comes from a plant native to northern parts of Europe, Asia, and North America. Similar to blueberries, bilberries are rich in natural vitamins and minerals that could support the vision. Bilberries have high levels of vitamin C, for example, to increase the antioxidant capacity of the Vision Hero formula. Because bilberries are the second listed ingredient in Vision Hero, the formula contains more bilberry extract than all but one other ingredient (lutein).

Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha lipoic acid is an antioxidant made naturally in your body and found in certain foods. Your body uses alpha lipoic acid to break down carbs and boost energy. Many people with diabetes take alpha lipoic acid supplements because of their impacts on blood sugar, and others take ALA supplements for general energy and carb management.

Zeaxanthin: Zeaxanthin is a familiar carotenoid – similar to lutein. It’s a pigment naturally occurring in certain fruits and vegetables, including dark green vegetables, orange and yellow fruits, and egg yolks. Like lutein, zeaxanthin seems particularly important for vision and eye health, and studies show it can support your eye’s natural defense against harmful light waves. Although not as studied as lutein, both zeaxanthin and lutein are found in many vision support supplements sold online and in stores today.

Quercetin: Yet another natural antioxidant, quercetin is prized for its anti-aging effects and overall health and wellness. Quercetin is a plant pigment, or flavonoid, found naturally in grapes, apples, berries, red wine, onions, and other fruits and vegetables.

Rutin: Rutin, like other ingredients in Vision Hero, is a plant pigment in certain fruits and vegetables. It’s best known for its effects on vision. Rutin appears to work by supporting healthy inflammation throughout the eyes. Also known as rutoside, rutin also impacts quercetin levels in the body, which could enhance its natural antioxidant effects.

Taurine: Taurine is a naturally-occurring amino acid found in energy drinks and specific supplements. Taurine is mainly concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart, and muscle, which is why many people take taurine daily for vision. You may already get enough taurine daily if you have a diet rich in meat, fish, and eggs.

Grape Seed Extract: Grape seed extract is prized for its antioxidant content and ability to support various benefits. Studies show grape seed extract is rich with natural antioxidants like resveratrol, for example, that can help healthy inflammation throughout the body. Instead of eating mountains of grapes daily or drinking bottles of wine, you can take a single grape seed extract supplement to get an equivalent dose.

Lycopene: Lycopene is a carotenoid – like lutein and zeaxanthin – responsible for giving tomatoes and other foods their red or pink color. Growing research is validating the effects of lycopene on health and vision, and multiple studies have connected lycopene to health effects, vision, and even weight loss. Taking a lycopene supplement could give your body the equivalent of dozens of tomatoes in a single dose. According to one 2013 review, lycopene was linked to defense against cardiovascular disease, cancer, and other effects, although more clinical trials were needed to verify these benefits.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is one of the best vitamins for eye health. Many people take vitamin A supplements to maintain good vision and support eyesight. By taking Vision Hero daily, you’re giving your body 50mcg (6{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV) of vitamin A. By getting more vitamin A through your diet; you could maximize the effects on vision.

Vitamin E & Vitamin C: Two of nature’s best antioxidants are vitamin E and C. Naturally found in many foods – including fruits – vitamin E and vitamin C target free radicals and support healthy inflammation throughout the body. Studies show these two vitamins are linked to overall health and wellness – including good vision and overall health. If you aren’t getting your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, for example, you could develop serious health conditions like scurvy. To help, Vision Hero contains 111{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} of your DV of vitamin C and 67{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} of your DV of vitamin E.

Other Vitamins & Minerals: Vision Hero also contains a blend of 10+ other vitamins and minerals to support vision and overall health in various ways. In addition to vitamins A, E, and C, for example, the supplement contains chromium, copper, selenium, zinc, magnesium, biotin, vitamin B12, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin. Some of these minerals are linked to eye health, but most are linked to general health and wellness. If you target eye problems holistically, you take a full-body approach to supporting good vision.

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Scientific Evidence for Vision Hero

Vision Hero contains a blend of ingredients linked to vision and eye health. Like most supplements, Vision Hero has not completed clinical trials. However, the supplement contains a combination of ingredients proven to support vision in various studies to date. We’ll review some of that research below.

Researchers reviewed the effects of lutein and zeaxanthin in a 2015 study published in the Journal of Ophthalmology. Researchers found these antioxidants were particularly concentrated in the retina and macula, where they’re linked with optimal vision and eye function. Specifically, researchers found multiple studies proving lutein and zeaxanthin were linked to a reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), improved vision function, and higher macular pigment levels, among other benefits.

Vision Hero also functions like a multivitamin by providing you with a blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Vitamin A is one of the most important for vision. In a 2022 study published in Frontiers in Nutrition, researchers found that people with high levels of vitamin A tended to have better eyesight than those with vitamin A deficiency. Researchers found that vitamin A impacted degenerative conditions affecting the macula, retina, and uvea, among other eye parts. A similar study from 2019 found short-term oral vitamin A supplementation improved the body’s natural eye tear repair processes. Participants took 1,500mg of vitamin A for three days and improved eye repair more than a placebo.

Many of the other ingredients in Vision Hero are considered carotenoids and bioflavonoids. They’re naturally occurring chemicals in plants, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Multiple studies have connected flavonoids to the prevention and treatment of ocular disorders. A 2015 review, for example, found bioflavonoids “may be useful in the prevention or treatment of ocular diseases responsible for vision loss,” including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and cataract formation. By fighting back against these root causes of vision problems, Vision Hero could help maintain good vision as you age using ingredients like rutin, lycopene, and quercetin.

Vision Hero contains a small but science-backed blend of eye-supporting ingredients, including natural antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, and more. Taking one to two capsules of Vision Hero daily could support good vision as you age.

How to Take Vision Hero

The makers of Vision Hero recommend taking one veggie capsule of the supplement twice daily. There are 60 servings (60 capsules) per container.

Here’s how it works:

  • Take one veggie capsule of Vision Hero twice per day
  • For best results, take one capsule 20 to 30 minutes before a meal with an 8oz glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.
  • You should talk to a doctor before taking Vision Hero if you have a medical condition or are pregnant, nursing, or under 18. However, the manufacturer insists the formula is safe and has no reported side effects.

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Vision Hero Supplement Facts Label

Natural Living Now, the manufacturer of Vision Hero, discloses all ingredients in the formula upfront.

Most of the active ingredients are found within a proprietary formula. Lutein and bilberry are the first two listed ingredients on that proprietary formula, indicating more of those ingredients than anything else in Vision Hero.

The remaining ingredients include vitamins and minerals at various dosages.


Here’s what is inside each capsule (60 capsules per container) of Vision Hero:

240.5mg of a proprietary blend with lutein, bilberry (fruit) extract, alpha lipoic acid, eyebright, zeaxanthin, quercetin, rutin, taurine, grape seed extract, and lycopene

  • 50mcg of vitamin A (6{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 100mg of vitamin C (111{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 10mg of vitamin E (67{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 4mg of thiamin (333{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 4mg of riboflavin (308{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 20mg of niacin (125{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 13.5mcg of vitamin B12 (563{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 400mcg of biotin (1,333{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 20mg of magnesium (5{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 16mg of zinc (145{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 4mcg of selenium (7{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 1mg of copper (111{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)
  • 1.8mcg of chromium (5{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including cellulose (to create the vegetable capsule), rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide

Vision Hero Pricing

Vision Hero is priced at $69 per Bottle. However, you could pay $59 per Bottle when buying three or $49 per Bottle when buying 6.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Vision Hero online today:

  • One Bottle: $69.00
  • Three Bottles: $177 ($59.00 Per Bottle)
  • Six Bottles: $294 ($49.00 Per Bottle)

Vision Hero Refund Policy

Natural Living Now, the manufacturer of Vision Hero, offers a 90-day, 100{a5ceed037b574a4d8c6b44a0a7290437cee40655417128da3b56d864fe64414f} money-back guarantee on all purchases.

If you did not notice a difference after taking Vision Hero, or if you’re unsatisfied with the formula, return the empty Bottle (s) and the original purchase invoice, then you are entitled to a complete refund.

About Natural Living Now.

Vision Hero is made by a Sheridan, Wyoming-based supplement company named Natural Living Now. That company manufactures Vision Hero in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility that meets strict quality standards.

According to the Vision Hero About Us page, the product was formulated by “a team of nutritional formulating experts and independent nutritionists” with a collective 23 years of formulation experience. The company’s management team has 11 years of combined nutraceutical industry experience.

You can contact Natural Living Now and the Vision Hero customer service team via the following:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 1-844-406-7666
  • Mailing Address: 30 N Gould St Ste 6188 Sheridan, WY 82801
  • Registered Address: 19655 E 35th Drive, Suite 100, Aurora, CO 80011

Final Word

Vision Hero is a vision support formula featuring a blend of vitamins, minerals, plant-based nutrients, and antioxidants to support vision in various ways.

By taking Vision Hero daily, you can purportedly support healthy vision, avoid age-related macular degeneration and other eye problems, and regain confidence in your vision.

To learn more about Vision Hero and how it works or to buy the vision support formula online today, visit the official website.

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