Stop Flossing After Brushing Your Teeth. Here’s Why You Should Floss Before

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Switching up our each day habits can be difficult. Especially if we’ve been performing a little something a selected way for many years. For occasion, there is certainly assistance that you should not rinse your enamel with drinking water just after brushing. And now another new dental cleanliness tip that is circulating throughout TikTok states you must floss your enamel before you brush them. 

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Several of us, which include me, were being taught to brush our tooth and then use floss to take away anything the toothbrush skipped. Even dental hygienists floss following they’re completed brushing our teeth. This raises the issue: Does it make a variance if you floss right before or after brushing?

Here is what the American Dental Association states about when to floss, and why some imagine flossing first is better. For far more, this is no matter if you need to brush your enamel right before or right after breakfast.

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What is actually the cause for flossing initially?

A modest 2018 study of two exam teams showed flossing in advance of brushing reduced whole plaque substantially a lot more compared with those who brushed just before flossing. Fluoride concentrations were also a great deal better in people who flossed initial. But there was not a sizeable variance in marginal plaque in between the two teams.

Flossing can help to loosen plaque and stuck food items residue concerning teeth to aid stop tartar buildup. Sensodyne states that flossing prior to you brush can final result in much more particles getting flushed out from those people tricky-to-reach areas among the tooth, though also retaining a lot more fluoride.

What if you have been flossing soon after you brush your tooth?

If you ended up taught to floss your enamel soon after you brush, do not fret. As extended as you might be flossing the moment per working day, you’re already 1 step ahead, Dr. Edmond Hewlett, shopper adviser for the ADA and professor at UCLA University of Dentistry, informed me. “Dentists just want you to floss.”

It also will not subject what time of working day you floss. For instance, if you’d somewhat floss in the morning as an alternative of the night, you can. As extensive as you do a extensive position, it would not make a difference when you floss, in accordance to Mouth Balanced, an ADA site.

The bottom line? Just make confident you happen to be flossing once a working day for your tooth and gum wellbeing. But if you actually want to kick up your dental hygiene a number of notches, try flossing beforehand.


You can floss in the early morning or night.

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Added flossing ideas

Below are some much more recommendations to make certain you are finding the greatest end result from flossing.

  • In no way reuse a strand of dental floss. It could depart bacteria in your mouth.
  • When flossing, go to the up coming clear section of strand for every single tooth.
  • Do not aggressively slide the floss into your gums. Gently wiggle it until eventually it reaches the gum line.
  • Floss in a C-form between just about every tooth.
  • Use a water flosser, like this Waterpik, if string floss is also tricky for you to use.
  • You should not use objects that aren’t made for flossing — for occasion, a knife, a sharp card or a basic safety pin.

For additional, examine out these best electric toothbrushes, such as Hum, Quip and Oral-B iO. And here is a neat way to use floss to slice a cake.

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