David Goldhill’s Dec. 2 op-ed, “In health and fitness care, The usa is the world’s indispensable country,” was a typical example of utilizing somewhat misleading proof to convey to a story about how progressive our pharmaceutical business and wellbeing-care method are. Of course, it is true that Individuals invest considerably extra on pharmaceutical items than persons in other highly made nations. It is also legitimate that foreign pharmaceutical providers, such as the mentioned Swiss enterprise Novartis, avail them selves of our marketplaces to improve their revenue. But Mr. Goldhill didn’t mention that pharmaceutical firms in the United States expend far more on revenue and promoting (which includes shopper marketing and direct advertising to medical professionals and other wellbeing suppliers) than on research. Why, for occasion, do we allow promotion of prescription drugs, when its only perform is to have ill-knowledgeable patients pressuring doctors to prescribe particular drugs? A considerable amount of money of health care research is executed in our universities and financed by investigate grants from the Countrywide Institutes of Overall health, i.e., the taxpayers.