5 Serious Myths About Glaucoma Debunked

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There are a ton of assumptions and myths out there about glaucoma. Pro bust a large amount of them!

Eye Care Tips: 5 Serious Myths About Glaucoma Debunked
Eye Care Strategies: 5 Major Myths About Glaucoma Debunked

Glaucoma is a continual eye disorder eye prompted commonly thanks to elevated intraocular force (IOP) (stress within the eye). But it is a fantasy that this is the only induce of glaucoma. There is one particular form of glaucoma which offers without the need of any elevated eye strain named Normal Stress Glaucoma. Several distinctive factors concerning what is beneficial and damaging for your eyes might have been mentioned. However, are they serious? It’s critical to distinguish truth from fantasy, significantly when talking about vision. The very first stage to preserving your eyesight for a life time is discovering suitable eye care methods. Find out the reality about this and other popular fallacies concerning eye overall health:

1.Myth: Spending far too considerably time in front of the monitor causes glaucoma

 Fact: Display screen time has NO RELATION to glaucoma at all. Reading through in lower gentle will not injure your eyes, but it may possibly make your eyes fatigued.

2.Myth: It is a myth that glaucoma has certain indications.

Point: Glaucoma arrives with a several of the most frequent signs like watering or blurred vision and most of the time is completely asymptomatic. This is the rationale why it is missed so frequently and is detected only in the late levels.

3. Fantasy: One more myth is that glaucoma only affects the aged.

Truth: Some types of glaucoma are viewed in youthful patients and a form of glaucoma termed congenital glaucoma is witnessed even at start. It may possibly just take decades for specified probably blinding eye disorders, this kind of as glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy, to exhibit up. They are damaging specified areas of the interior eye in the course of this time period, but the central eyesight may possibly be unharmed.

4. Fantasy: Diabetes only affects the retina.

Simple fact: Just as diabetic issues influences pretty much all the organs of the body, it also impacts just about all the components of the eye. Even though retinopathy and cataract are far more common have an effect on affections, individuals obtaining diabetes are at elevated chance of glaucoma.

5. Myth: Glaucoma influences only one eye

Actuality: Glaucoma is just about usually bilateral 1 eye acquiring afflicted earlier than the other.
Glaucoma creeps silently into our eyes depriving us of our eyesight slowly but surely and imperceptibly. So, regular screening for glaucoma immediately after the age of 40 or previously in circumstance of a loved ones heritage of the sickness is totally important.

A well balanced diet plan and standard training are examples of nutritious way of living practices that may enable stay away from several serious diseases, such as eye diseases. Consuming enough amounts of the nutrition pointed out earlier mentioned might help decrease your danger. The overall health of the eyes could also be influenced by other vitamins. Really do not disregard the rest of your human body, even though. A diet regime that maintains the overall health of your complete overall body will in all probability do the exact same for your eyes.

(Inputs from Dr Preeti Choudhary, Ophthalmologist, SRV Hospitals)

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