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To begin with, Buy White Runtz Online, it originates from an authority collab between the Runtz and Cookies brands. Some White Runtz impersonators guarantee this is only one of the phenotypes of Runtz. Genuine White Runtz from this elegant collab is a cross of the conventional Runtz strain and the White. Basically, this nug seems as though the Runtz got moved up in a huge amount of white trichomes.

White Runtz For Sale

Also, With a comparable flavor profile to Runtz, this strain flaunts a sweet and fruity profile and is joined by a smooth smoke. This was probably the most blazing strain in California for a couple of months before it apparently tumbled off the guide, making it an uncommon yet sweet. Buy white runtz Online.

When smoked, White Runtz has a heavily numbing effect on the face and relaxing, almost tingly body high. This makes it great for pain management. Due to its consistently mellow mood, the strain is also perfect for unwinding after a stressful, anxious day. This heaviness does come with a caveat, however; it is absolutely couch-locking! Smoke at your own risk, and make sure to clear the rest of the day to enjoy maximum relaxation.

Due to its high-end quality and exclusivity, many counterfeits are known to float around the market. Come to Kush 21 to pick up verified White Runts when in stock and save 10% when you pre-order online!


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1 review for White Runtz

  1. Gaspy

    I was in pain from a work accident and I mix a gram of white runtz with a gram of pink runtz in a backwood and smoke half of it and my body was relax and it was a smooth smoke it’s good for after work or a long day smoke

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