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To begin with, Buy Zookies Marijuana Strain. An undertaking from Alien Labs, Zookies is a cross of Animals Cookies and Original Glue. The outcome is a prudent mixture that is as scrumptious as it is powerful. The strain has an exceptional terpene profile, fragrance, and kind of sweet nutty treats with a trace of diesel. Zookies is an incredible decision for somebody searching for a solid high without stalling out in the love seat.

Lightweight smokers need not apply here, as Zookies tends to be rather powerful with a high of 25% THC. Nugs are quite dense and very dark with purple and green tones, thin orange pistils, and an incredibly thick coating of white crystals that sparkle and shine. Flavors and aromas are nuanced, to say the least, with a blend of tropical fruit, cookies, pepper, and diesel – she’s one of those gals that you either love or hate.

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Lastly, since you’re going to be hanging out in your living room for the night anyway. You might as well take advantage of the therapeutic benefits that Zookies has been said to offer. Physical pain of nearly all types, including migraines. Women’s health issues, and inflammation from arthritis could potentially be soothed with ease, leaving you feeling incredible before bed. If you tend to get anxious or feel depressed, let this strain to try to boost your mood as well. Those who are in need of a good night of sleep should smoke Zookies before turning in and see how she can help with insomnia.


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