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Buy Lemonade Marijuana Strain Online

To begin with, Buy Lemonade Strain Online is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. Whose exact genetics are unknown, but are thought to be Lemon OG X Strawberry Cough. Although this bud is best known for winning Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 High Times’ Cannabis Cup in Denver. Also, it is most loved for its flavor! Its taste is said to be just like a glass of sweetened strawberry lemonade!

Also, The aroma is just as delicious, with a sweet lemon bouquet that has a fresh earthy berry hint as the nugs are broken apart and burned.  Strawberry Lemonade buds have small round dense pebble-shaped. Which forest green nugs with dark olive green leaves, fiery orange hairs, and a frosty fine layer of crystal white trichomes. The Strawberry Lemonade high is said to be perfect for a lazy day at home. Whether it’s lying on the couch and watching TV or hanging out by the pool. Buy weed in Europe.

Moreover, The high starts with a slightly energizing uplifted effect that offers a mild sense of alertness that becomes hazy at times.  A warming tingly body buzz will slowly wash over you as the high continues, leaving you completely relaxed and pain free but still functional. Due to these relatively mild effects and its moderately high THC level of up to 16%. Strawberry Lemonade is said to be perfect for treating chronic fatigue, mild cases of depression, chronic stress, and chronic pain.



10 reviews for Buy Lemonade Strain Online

  1. Julia

    This shit is AMAZING! It just makes me happy and talkative as hell. I love it!

  2. James

    As I tried this strand in concentrate form the first time. Very clean refreshing citrusy taste. the Terps remind me of almost of fresh lemon and cucumber water. first sativa dominant did not give me anxiety. It made me productive and not overly scattered. Concentrated, focused, why I felt at ease at the same time. Feels motivating, very good for fatigue without creating anxiety. As very good for relieving inflammation. Clean A perfect morning or mid-afternoon strand!

  3. Kate

    I had the best day with this strain. I’m on joint 3 where I would normally be on 8. In a great mood, goofy af according to my spouse. Kept me on a great cerebral level for a much longer time. Almost 19% THC would normally be pretty mellow, but im flying pretty high and still 98% functional. Got a little confused doing some tasks. I like these reviews cause ppl are usually pretty baked while writing them. Overall, Best. Weed. Ever.

  4. Brian

    It has the most incredible fruity lemonade smell and flavour that will transport you to childhood summer days. Very mild smoke no cough as well. Ideal for daytime usage.Lemonade cannabis strain’s high is potent and filled with inspiration-inducing imagination. Euphoria without the racing nature which can make your heart beat too fast.

  5. Anna

    This is by far my favorite sativa. It’s better than a morning coffee. Smells great, tastes amazing. It’s so lemony and get your butt up and do things. I don’t ever want to run out of it.

  6. Rosellen

    It does not get you down, more of a Mello high. I am right where I need to be/feel. A big plus we (as in 2 people) only smoked half a blunt. I weighed it before we smoked it was 1.8g. I had a headache for almost 24 hours and after about 4 hits…. BOOM headache gone! Natural medicine for the win. Over all I believe its a HUGE hit🖤

  7. Camille

    Very enjoyable high. Nice tingly feeling and relaxing at the same time. The smoke looked a little yellow in the exhale unbelievable!!

  8. Stallone

    A very flavorful bowkay with both a strong lemon inhale taste and exhale nodes obstetrics delight highly recommended

  9. Thomas

    I’ve tried the Lemonade strain a couple of times now, the most recent being the most interesting. It produces a seriously uplifted, creative, and even clear-headed, happy high for me. I often smoke late at night, but this strain strikes me as being very ideal for enjoying daytime activities. As an experiment, the most recent time I used Lemonade again, I decided to ‘enhance’ it’s uplifting properties, by dripping some limonene terpene isolate directly onto the flower. I thought to add only one drop because of how extremely concentrated the isolate is, but accidentally ended up with 3-4 drops of limonene instead… but decided to go ahead with it despite wondering whether that was a good idea. The experience left me with absolutely NO doubt as to the role of terpenes as primary qualifiers of particular characteristics of the (THC-driven) high from any given cannabis strain. I was so uplifted and energetic that I kept saying “Wow, this is amazing!” to the family member I was smoking with. I felt like I could get a million things done in a short amount of time, or perhaps even get started on writing that book I’ve been planning for too long. At almost 57 years of age, I found my brain more clear and focused than it has been in years. I felt like my mind was processing information much more quickly than is normal for me these days. But as positive as the experience was… it was definitely much, much stronger than I was expecting. If I’d added a bit more limonene, that positive, energetic high could easily have turned manic or paranoid, so the next time I do something like this, I’ll be more careful with how much isolate I add. But I must admit, I’m now very intrigued with the idea of adding a bit of myrcene or linalool to the next heavy Indica I smoke.

  10. Jimmy

    Very cerebral head high. The lemonade live resin I tried was from Absolute Xtracts. They listed the most prominent terpenes as Limonene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene, in that order. Tastes just like lemons, and has a very cerebral head high. Great for wake and baking, but not over stimulating by any means. 8.2/10 from me

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