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Buy Dog Walker OG Marijuana Strain

To begin with, Buy Dog Walker OG Marijuana Strain is a sharply powerful indica predominant crossover (80% indica/20% sativa) strain that is reproduced from an Albert Walker OG X Chemdawg 91 cross. Moreover, This strain is madly well known among long haul smokers for its skunky smell, sharp taste, and strong impacts. Canine Walker OG gets its name from its smell, which is frequently portrayed as a “wet canine” fragrance with a dash of a hearty fragrance.

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Moreover, Despite the fact that this may not sound speaking to the normal patient, there are numerous patients who really appreciate the taste and smell of this bud – it’s certainly a procured taste! With a body buzz, cerebral incitement, and a quiet center that easily goes into a serene rest. Also,  Dog Walker is a well known for treatment for serious sadness. State of mind issues, and sleep deprivation. Where to buy medical marijuana online and purchase best exotic weed online.

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In conclusion, This strain offers a madly intense 24-26% THC level and a smooth yet skunky taste. New clients be careful – the taste can without much of a stretch overpower you, and the THC level certainly will. These buds are golden shaded, stout, and are plentiful with trichomes and a fine pitch.



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  1. Gabby

    Tasty and great high!

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