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Firstly, to buy banana kush Online. Like half breed of two legendary strains, OG Kush of the West Coast and Skunk Haze. Nevertheless, this smooth inclination, crossover indica predominant and with the indica-sativa proportion of 60:40. The THC level of Banana Kush is 18-25%. While the CBD level is almost 0.1%. This strain is the most elevated bidder for taste in the Californian Cannabis world.Also, Fit for giving a hail capable high, the indica intense is exceptionally rest actuating, in this way it is endorsed for evening time use.

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 Moreover, For long in the wake of taking Banana Kush. Along these lines it would be better if the patient took it an hour preceding resting. Banana Kush online for sale and order quality marijuana product. The broad characteristics of this strain are equipped for relieving rest issues and a sleeping disorder given the calming property. You can order or get top marijuana products here and at a very good price

 In Conclusion, this give to individual who are trap in agonizing conditions and are taking on a pressure conflict. On the opposite end, it has saved individuals experiencing glaucoma, solid pressures and eating inabilities. It has a decent fruity taste and a sweet banana-like smell.



7 reviews for Buy Banana Kush

  1. Juliet

    this strain is possibly the top ten best strains in the world. when a master grower makes an attempt, THC levels can surpass 30%. thick trichromes upon trichromes.. the effects are a beautifully made combination of relaxation and euphoria. great pain medicine

  2. Natasha

    Banana Kush definitely makes me super sleepy and tired! And it is my favorite tasting and smelling weed! But I am not in love with the effects.

  3. Bobby

    Fantastic for sleep. Makes you tingly, heavy and lazy feeling.

  4. Lamar Smokes

    This particular version of banana kush is exactly what even the most hard to please patient would expect of something carrying this name. In terms of plant structure, the flowers are dense, high calyx count and short node spacing, with a brilliant green color showing through all the swollen reason glands. It’s almost as nice to look at as it is to smoke. The flavor is excellent. The spicy, earthy flavor on the exhale betrays the strain’s haze roots, but the sweet fruitiness of the kush comes out more and more as it burns. The high is mellow, and very relaxed, yet clear and happy. No problem eating, pain relief is strong and long lasting, and sleep is much easier. Overall, I recommend this medicine to anyone who needs something strong, but can’t be bogged down by heavy indica meds that rob them off clear thought and motivation. if I could give it six stars, I would.

  5. Anabelle

    Picked up some Banana Kush the other day and WOW!
    This lime green, nice-smelling bud just wasted me after about 4 good rips on a bowl. The high creeps in after about 5 or 10 more minutes and left me all zoned out, like I was on a mild acid trip. Hell, I’ve been tokin for 30 years too!
    Old school bud for sure.
    This bud puts a big smile on my face, left me talkative & sociable, tripped way out, seeing things, hearing different and with some seriously bloodshot eyes.
    Very long-lasting, euphoric high with no real burnout to speak of.
    I absolutely LOVE this strain!

  6. Brian

    I am totally new to using different strains to try to treat some things going on with me. I suffer from high anxiety, and depression, ocd and who knows what else. lol So, I have been trying different blends. I find that to high of a sativa I get anxiety and paranoia, and over think every single thing. But if I do to high of an indica I then I am wiped out and tired. I Found this strain to be an awesome balance! It totally relaxing me, it makes my creative juices flow hugely, and it makes it easy for me to talk about things very calmly. It is so freaking awesome! Its very balanced. I would highly recommend it for people who are struggling with anxiety issues and social anxiety. I am trying to not be on pharma stuff. and find something natural! 🙂

  7. Jodicampbell

    Got this and some Sour D as my first two hits of medical during my first trip to a dispensary. I’ve been smoking daily for the last six months, so I’ve built up a minimal tolerance. I packed a bowl and after three hits I was gone. I hadn’t been that high off such a small amount in a while. Gave me a short case of the munchies, but nothing I couldn’t ignore. I did find that sitting was a must, and lying down equaled sleeping. And sitting usually led to lying down. It did relieve my back pain. I would recommend for anyone who’s stressed out, without a doubt. And if this review makes no sense, it’s because I’m high on banana kush right fucking now.

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