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To begin with, Buy Biscotti Online is an uncommon indica predominant half and half strain (80% indica/20% sativa) made through a delightful cross of the great Gelato #25 X Girl Scout Cookies X South Florida OG strains. In case you’re searching for an exemplary indica with a madly delightful flavor, you’ve discovered it.

Moreover, Biscotti packs all that you need and more in the impacts and taste office into every flavorful toke. All filled by a too high 25% normal THC level. The Biscotti high goes ahead with a surge of cerebral impacts that dispatch your brain into an unadulterated lifted condition of unfocused delight.

Also, As your psyche settles, a quieting body high will wash over our physical structure. Also, permitting you to kick back and unwind cool as a cucumber. This high will immediately turn out to be giggly and stoney, leaving you snickering at everything without exception around you. Because of these impacts and its high THC level, Biscotti is regularly picked to treat conditions, for example, incessant pressure or tension, sadness, disposition swings, and constant agony.

Lastly, This bud has a madly heavenly sweet treat flavor with a rich fiery breathe out. The fragrance is of hearty spices and organic products with an eminent treat impact. Biscotti buds have spade-molded dim olive green nugs with long dull orange hairs and a thick cold covering of splendid white precious stone trichomes. Buy Biscotti Online now at Medical buds online.



7 reviews for Buy Biscotti Online

  1. Jerry

    That mf hit !! No cap.. that shit like sneak up weed ! Might not hit you at first , but that shit gone sneak up on you ! 😭 follow me for more real nigga reviews I’m new to this shit #otm

  2. Tom

    One of my favorite strains I’ve ever smoked. I have a spinal cord injury and suffer from nerve pain, muscle spasms, muscle tightness, paralysis, and much much more. This strain is the first thing I think of when I’m in the worst pain. Such a great body high that melts all pain and puts the mind at ease. Would always have this strain on hand if it was available.

  3. Chris Williams

    fuck me runnin, i was listenin to mo momba and dude i shit you not, i heard other background music in the song ive never once heard when sober af

  4. Michael Boyett

    Having tried this in a concentrate form, I didn’t really like the flavor. It was too sweet for my liking. Reminiscent of a King Louis XIII or Gelato strain flavor. I got this product from Verano, a cannabis cultivator in Illinois’ cannabis market. The effects were that of a typical hybrid, relaxing and calming.

  5. Luc brown

    This shit got me toasty Boasty foasty west coasty with a cherry on top. This shit got me Humpty Dumpty yooooooo! Straight gasoline baby yummmmmm

  6. Anthony mayos

    Biscotti is my favorite strain of all time. In a concentrate when you see the more psychoactive side of its personality, you’ll be met with one of the most unique headspaces I’ve found from cannabis. It feels like your brain is operating at 100%; definitely worth a try for creatives, people dealing with stress/depression related conditions, or anyone who wants a fantastic time. Ive found it to be a great hybrid for any time of day or night. Truly the go-to strain if you’re here for what weed does to your mind.

  7. Anita matos

    Great taste has a lemony citrus taste with a hint of graham cracker aftertaste. Gives you a nice relaxed body high also leaves you feeling weightless. Recommended for pain or tenseness. Good for when you want to just relax on a day off or if your feeling stressed. Doesn’t give you that slumped feeling you usually get with indica’s could be used as either a day or night time strain. I also smoked out of a leaf if that makes any difference.

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